2435 Yarmouth

A sprawling opportunity for development awaits on this 9.84-acre lot in North Boulder. Over 428,630 square feet of flat land sets the scene for designing and building a custom vision of a Colorado dream home. Majestic mountain views unfold in the distance crafting a dramatic backdrop as verdant fields dotted with vibrant wildflowers create a picturesque setting. A 300-amp power supply is available on the land for convenience, as well as access to city water and sewer or the option to drill a well. A coveted North Boulder location affords peaceful privacy and seclusion plus easy access to outdoor recreation and amenities including shopping, dining, and entertainment.

Listed by Jennifer Egbert

What’s possible on this property?

Per all the preliminary calculations*, it should be allowable to build a new home totaling up to 5,592 sf that has an above-grade footprint up to 3,218 sf and a below-grade square footage maximum of 2,374 sq. ft.

*pending approval from Boulder County’s Site Plan Review approval process.

Property Details

Municipality: City of Boulder

Neighborhood: Foothills East

Estimated Area: 428,647 (9.84 acres)

Floodplain: Good news, this property is not in the 100-year floodplain, floodway, or conveyance zone!

Easements: There are no easements on this property.

High Swelling Soil Potential: None

Zoned: Agricultural (A)

What’s the preliminary potential square footage for building a home?

Potential for Square Footage Per pre-application planning meeting with the City of Boulder: 

  • Lot Size: 428,647 sf Per the City, you are allowed a Presumptive size maximum*** of 3,218 sf
    • *** Presumptive Size Maximum is the maximum square footage allowed above grade
  • Per the City, you are allowed Max Building Coverage* of 3,218 sq. ft.
    • *Maximum Building Coverage is the square footage allowed to cover the site. For example, a 1-story house is the same as a 2-story house because they equal the same amount of site coverage. *Maximum Floor Area basically means the amount of above-grade floor area allowed on the site. Converse to Max Building Coverage seen above, each floor above grade (basements don’t count unless they are walk-outs) is counted in calculating Max Floor Area. For example, a 2-story home with each floor equally 1000 sf would add up to 2000 sf of floor area.

Want to learn more and further discuss what can be done on this property?

Please contact Project Development Manager, Adrian at (303)473-9542 or email Adrian@meltondb.com