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Specialty Interior Projects

From elevator installation, home offices, home gyms, steam showers, wine rooms, she-sheds, or sports courts – Whatever you dream of or need, our team can help with your special home project.

Specialty Interior Projects for Your Home

At Melton, we understand that your home should reflect the unique way you and your family live your lives. We encourage clients to customize their home to include options that will maximize the way they live. Perhaps you’re considering aging in place. Maybe you are working from home and need a designated workspace. Melton has specialty design services to meet those needs. There are many specialty interior projects that you can include in your renovation to increase your quality of life while increasing your home’s value.

Home Offices to She Sheds

Whether you need a home office to pay bills and organize your family’s schedule or run a business out of your home, you need a designated space to keep you focused and productive. We work with clients to create the optimal space for their work and activities. Home office spaces are increasingly popular for working families to gain a sense of privacy and focus. Adults, as well as children, can have designated workspaces. For personal activities, she sheds are the new man caves and provide an excellent option for expanding your home’s footprint while creating a designated area for personal projects. For the wine enthusiast, we have designed several innovative wine spaces to accommodate extensive collections of fine wines for clients who desire to host and gather. Melton can help you create a home that suits you and your family’s active and creative lifestyles.

Living a Long and Healthy Life at Home

Many of our clients are considering the concept of aging in place. This is the process of remodeling your home to maximize your home use and stay in place longer as you age. Melton has installed mechanisms such as home elevators to accommodate family members with disabilities or limited mobility. Elevators make it possible for multi-generations to live together and maximize square footage by building up and not out. If you are an athlete, we offer design services to create a home gym, specially designed for your health-conscious lifestyle. If your whole family enjoys active quality time, bring that sports mentality into your home and design a sports court that everyone will enjoy. At Melton, we’re eager to create homes that allow our clients to live their most full lives. Contact us today to get started on your customized home project.

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