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10 Ways to Pamper Your Holiday Guests

10 Ways to Pamper Your Holiday Guests

‘Tis the season to enjoy the company of friends and family! Many of us will be hosting our loved ones this holiday season. From their busy travels to the cozy comforts of your home, hosting involves a great deal of effort. To make hosting stress-free, plan ahead and employ some of these creative concepts shared below.

Airport Transportation
If your guests are flying in to visit, offer a safe and pre-arranged ride. Traveling is taxing on the body, and to make your own arrangements when you get to your destination is an added stressor. Ease your guests’ minds by offering to pick them up or by arranging a town car.

Arrival Snacks
Often traveling does not have convenient options to sate hunger. Greet your guests’ with a tray of their favorite snacks and goodies in the foyer. This is a fantastic way to fill their tummies.

Mini Beverage Station
It wouldn’t be the holidays without tasty beverages. Stressful travels are always welcomed by hot apple cider or a nice glass of hot cocoa or spice it up with a glass of wine or spirits of choice. Designing a beverage station in the guest suite is quite a delight.

Holiday Chocolates
A tasty beverage compliments well with decadent chocolates. Display the chocolates in your favorite holiday dishware around the house to ensure your guests can indulge at any given moment!

Cozy Layers
Your guests will feel the comfort of their own home when you provide a nice selection of cozy layers to wear. Slippers, throw blankets and robes are all wonderful gear to bundle up in.

Handmade Soaps & Lotions
Create a fun, yet purposeful holiday touch by displaying decorative hand soaps and lotions. These items are always great take away gifts for your guests as well.

Holiday Linens
As the night comes to an end, guests will dream of nothing more than resting their tired eyes. By adding holiday bedding and bathroom linens to their suite assures they are in the hands of a great host.

Magazine Selection
Many people enjoy a small read before turning in for the evening. Provide your guests with a nice selection of nightstand reads such as current magazines.

Holiday Music
A great deal of holiday cheer is brought on by the music we listen to. Guests will find peace in the holiday classics they hear as they enter your doorway.

List of Places to Go
It may be your guests’ first time staying with you. As a reference guide, prepare a nice list of stores, restaurants and coffee houses-along with their directions-for simple navigation. Outside of the items you have provided, guests typically are in need of a few more necessities.

Presenting multiple options throughout your guests’ stay will deliver a happy guest with these simple ideas. We hope you enjoy the holidays as much as your guest. Cheers to the 2014 Holiday Season!

  -The Melton Team

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