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4 Common Mistakes Made When Hiring a Home Remodeling Company

Deciding to move forward with a home remodel is extremely exciting! Now that you are ready for a big change, it’s time to hire a contractor. But many times, the excitement can be short-lived as practical issues start to rear their head. Here is a look at four of the most common errors that homeowners make and how you can avoid them.

1. Not Knowing What You Want from a Remodel

Simply deciding that you want to remodel parts of your home may not be enough. It is a good starting point, but that is just the first step. Contractors and remodeling companies can offer you suggestions and guidance, but it can be difficult for them to execute your vision unless you are more specific with them. It’s a good idea to sit down, contemplate the areas you want to remodel and come up with a rough plan of how you want the space to look. Websites like, Pinterest or Houzz can also be helpful resources to get the mental juices flowing.

2. Going with the Lowest Bid

It is so tempting to choose the cheapest home remodeling company because everyone wants to save money on their remodel. But it is important to consider why that company offered such a low bid. Is it because they have a poor reputation? Do they cut corners with materials and/or labor to make up for those low prices? When choosing a home remodeling company, it is imperative to think about value. The cheapest price on paper may sound great up front, but it often comes with many complications. Those cheap quotes may not even seem so cheap by the end, with companies adding on fees and other expenses to the final bill. Go with your gut. Choose the remodeling company that has the best reputation and impresses you during your first meeting.

3. Not Signing a Detailed Contract

Even if you have good communication with each other during the initial meeting, it is important to sign a detailed contract with a home remodeling company. Many homeowners allow contractors to start working on a project, without ironing out all the details. The best approach involves discussing every aspect of the remodel, including possible complications and over-budget jobs. When every detail is written out in a signed contract, both parties can feel at ease knowing they are protected. If something does go wrong, you can simply point to the contract instead of getting into a long and protracted disagreement.

4. Not Planning Ahead

The best remodelers usually have a booked schedule. Which makes sense, as these are the home remodeling companies people want to use. Homeowners should never assume they can hire a contractor for a job immediately. The best approach is to start searching for a home remodeling company several months before you want to start work on the project. It gives you enough time to find the right company, iron out the details of the remodel, and get on their schedule.

If you would like to discuss the details of your project further with our team, feel free to reach out to us. We’re happy to help!


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