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4 of the Top Cabinet Design Trends for 2019

4 of the Top Cabinet Design Trends for 2019

Making 2019 a great year can start now with the right cabinet design trend for both you and your kitchen. Make your choice based on the design of your kitchen as a whole, its layout and size, how you use your kitchen, and what’s currently on trend for 2019 cabinetry.

Simple Design and Functionality

Cabinets aren’t just about storage, choosing the right type allows your kitchen’s style to tie together just right and to fit the lifestyle of you and your family. So far, cabinet design trends for 2019 are swinging more than ever towards simple and minimal.

We’ve moved away from the modern, shiny look sought after in the 50s, the color and pattern rioting of the 70s kitchen, and the glass front design that was so popular in the 90s. This year is all about clean lines, simple design, and functionality.

Open Kitchen Shelves

Open kitchen shelves is a new look that has begun to be called the must-have for 2019 homeowners. Instead of bulky cabinetry, designers are trying the clean lives of open shelves, whose openness can bring a sense of space to smaller kitchens in particular. However, open shelving will call for matching sets of dishes, but the efficiency and clean design may appeal to those looking to open the feel of their kitchen.

Minimalist Design

Minimalist design cabinets can suit a variety of homeowner needs. Moving away from the heavy design of kitchen cabinets past, these cabinets offer clean aesthetics and a variety of benefits. A recessed panel door with smooth edges makes these easy to clean, and their simple lines offer and ordered design to any kitchen size. These designs better suit homes with children, as open shelving may be too tempting for kids to avoid reorganizing your kitchen tools.


Tech-friendly cabinets work as a storage solution for all the smart technology that has taken over our lives. Kitchen designs have risen to the challenge to meet these needs, and cabinets can be utilized to make your kitchen that much smarter and more gadget friendly.

Many modern cabinet choices offer a charging station, allowing you to keep everything charged even from your kitchen. If you’re often making use of your phone or tablet for cooking or entertainment, docking stations or device holders are helpful to have ready to go. If you want to go even further, there are options that can be built into the cabinets themselves, such as wireless speakers, tablets, even televisions.

Cabinets with Outlets

If you’re less interested in the smart tech but looking to keep your kitchen looking clean and modern, cabinets with outlets can be used to tuck away modern appliances, like a microwave, and keep them hidden until you need them. Some homeowners use this type of cabinet to create their own coffee corner, complete with a coffee maker, grinder, and grounds, that can be taken out and tucked back away at your leisure.

These types of cabinets make for a kitchen suited for entertainment and family gatherings, with plenty of space and places to recharge.


The size of your kitchen, the people who live in your home, and the lifestyle you enjoy can all be used to make your cabinet choice one that will make each day better. Contact Melton Home Build by phone or through our contact form to get personalized assistance for your kitchen cabinets.

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