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5 Great Homes Designed to Let Light In

5 Great Homes Designed to Let Light In

Boulder County, with our amazing views and 300+ days of sunshine per year, is the ideal location for homes with ample windows for letting in the sunshine as well as the views! Check out these inspirational designs that will have you dreaming out opening up your home to the great outdoors.

This mountain rustic home is designed to get the most out of the views of the beautiful outdoors and the natural light it provides. The huge floor-to-ceiling and wall-sized windows bring the wondrous, mountainous outdoors right into the homeowner’s living room.

This modern spectacle contains an ideal design for allowing natural light to illuminate the whole home. With shades available to cover the lower level windows for privacy, the upper clerestory windows allow for a natural light option at all times. This home design would be great if you have a plot of land with a great view.


Contemporary home designs are perfect for letting light in. The design style itself includes open floor plans with large windows throughout the home to keep the space bright and spacious. This home is a spectacle of that with beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows on all parts of this side of the house opening up the home to the beautiful outdoors.


Although this home doesn’t have large wall-sized windows, this home’s design allows for a bright indoor experience. The lower level living room and sitting areas both contain several large windows that wrap around that area of the house letting in bright natural light at all times of day.

Sunrooms are a great option for homes with great views, large yards or beautifully grown gardens. With windows all around you, sunrooms create a space for the outdoors and indoors to become intertwined, giving you the comfort of a roof over your head and still allow you to enjoy outdoors.


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