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5 Smart Front Porch Touch-Ups

5 Smart Front Porch Touch-Ups

Your home can have a stunning front porch without needing to remodel the entire façade. Make your home more inviting in short time with these different styles. Whether your home has a contemporary or traditional exterior, it can be refreshed to have an exciting design. Check out these 5 final touches that can transform porches from common and dated to distinguished and sophisticated.

By altering the design or tweaking the porch layout, the overall aesthetics can be dramatically changed for this area that transitions to the outdoors. Different materials and elements of design will add a modernized, new appeal.

Go portico. Adding a small extension to the roof to hang over the entryway is a quick way to give your home an updated look. Frame your door with this easygoing design. It is a great option for a smaller porch style, providing just the right amount of necessary shade while still expanding living space. With the help of the right construction company, a portico will make your home more attractive at first glance. Choose from traditional or transitional approaches to find the perfect design for your entryway.

Traveled furnishings
. Your home’s entry can have a cultural feel by using an array of color and pieces that look like they’ve traveled from afar. Decorate with durable fabrics and materials that will weather the storm like wicker chairs or rugs made of hemp or acrylic. On a longer porch, designate furnishings into sections to allow an open feel and better movement while using accent colors to pull together the overall design. Pieces like patterned rugs or bold-colored pillows will add a rustic, inviting look. 

Contemporary flare.
A touch of modern style will drastically change the feel of your porch. This style works to create a cohesive look between indoor and outdoor areas as well as complementing surrounding areas. Incorporate a swing to enjoy its relaxing luxury while reading or entertaining. To achieve this minimalistic style, furnishings should also blend with other elements and not be too detailed or bold. Sign up to receive our e-newsletter and get inspired with more exciting design styles.

Vibrant color.
Give your porch an exciting pop and Craftsman-style with vibrant, bright color. Consider using patio furniture that uses different hues of the same color to add some décor without it becoming overwhelming. Finding the right color scheme may depend on the architectural style of a home, which can play a part in deciding what colors will be the most flattering. Coordinating rich colors with surrounding exterior trim, stone or brick will extend a warm welcome from your porch.

Having an enclosure to surround the porch will not only provide some privacy, but will offer so much more. Investing in creating a sunroom improves appearance while it protects the area from water or sun damage. There are various materials to choose from that are weather-resistant. Using elements for design like windows and doors enhances the style and curb appeal. An experienced construction company will be able to design a sunroom for your porch that is as attractive as it is comfortable and architecturally cohesive with the existing exterior. Schedule a consultation to start remodeling your porch with our design and architectural professionals.

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