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5 Tech Devices to Improve Your Home

5 Tech Devices to Improve Your Home

Since we’re all seemingly tethered to our smartphones, it was only a matter of time before futuristic gadgets and gizmos would be invading our home sweet homes. Advancements in electronics have opened up a world of new devices and apps that offer countless advantages for creating a home, which is both inviting and exciting. Smart technology is making life easier, more efficient and luxurious.

New inventions in the digital world will keep our homes buzzing with intelligence into the future. If you’re hoping to experience the world of connected crib, there are remodeling contractors who can bring high tech into high style in your home.

If you’re ready for some crazy-cool inventions to optimize your home–stay tuned for these 5 Techno Devices:

Nothing beats being swaddled in a warm, cozy towel on a bitter winter day. If you’d like to experience the delight of bathing followed by a warm cocoon of comfort, look no further. An extravagant towel warmer cabinet is perfect for pampering.

Prepare to become the new entertaining hotspot of all your friends and relatives with this machine mixologist. Called the Somabar, this New Age gadget is the robotic home bartender of the future. The world’s first app controlled automated bartending appliance created for the home kitchen, this machine will impress guests with custom cocktails infused with bitters…just garnish and go!

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Scary stat: 74% of burglaries are residential break-ins. The Canary, a wireless security system packed into a single, simple and sleek device, is an all-in-one solution that focuses on the inside of the home, rather than the perimeter. Once connected to the home’s Wi-Fi network, this cool gadget watches, learns and adapts to a home and sends intelligent notifications to any smartphone.


Call your remodeling contractor and have them design a space for the LG Twin Wash, which will drastically simplify your laundry routine. This innovative household tech item is sure to create a happiness boost for moms and dads with its ‘simultaneous cycle’ model. Designed to have one main wash basin, with a second, smaller one in the drawer beneath it, this washing machine can clean delicates and larger clothing items all at once. A dream come true for those last minute laundry doers, this machine is truly a game-changer.


The PicoBrew Zymatic machine may be a tongue twister but it’s well worth the effort. An item sure to make it to many Christmas wish lists, this is the first all grain, fully automatic beer brewing appliance. Choose to create a custom brew or select from over 100 different types of beer with the push of a button. Fire up the football and sit back with your homemade beer.

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