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6 Things You Should Do Before Your Home Renovation

6 Things You Should Do Before Your Home Renovation

You have been going through various magazines, online videos and articles regarding home renovation. You have some ideas in your mind, and you have settled on this year as the moment you will renovate your house. It is a major step, but one that should be undertaken with caution. Here are six things that you should do before you go ahead with your home renovation.

1. Decide on the Home Renovation Budget

Before any renovation, it is critical to decide on your budget. Look through your finances, assess your savings and settle on a firm number. Now you have your maximum budget. While you will aim to go lower, you have a number that you cannot exceed.

Do not be afraid to talk with your designer and contractor about your budget. Tell them about the figure you will not go beyond, regardless of delays or unexpected costs. But give them a number that is a little lower than your maximum, as you must always assume there will be a surprise expense during a remodeling project.

2. Choose an Aesthetic

The perks of sitting down with a designer before your home renovation is that you can settle on an aesthetic. Many homeowners have individual ideas for various rooms, but those ideas do not mesh together.

It is crucial that your home still has a singular aesthetic when the remodel is complete. Otherwise, stepping from one room to another will make you feel like you are in completely different buildings – not one home!

3. Plan the Most Important Changes

Priorities matter during a home renovation. While you may want to get everything on your list complete on your budget, it is not always possible. Prioritize individual renovations when talking with a remodeler.

For instance, you may decide to remodel your bathrooms and kitchen first. Then you will tackle the bedroom, living room, various house spaces and the porch area at the end. By settling on priorities, you will feel comfortable about leaving one or two jobs for next year.

4. Choose an Ideal Timeframe

Remodeling takes time, regardless of how efficiently the designers and contractors work. Choose the time of year that is the least disruptive to your family, especially if you are planning a major remodel.

5. Dedicate a Notebook to Writing Down Information

There will be so much information you are told during this process. Buy a notebook and dedicate it to this project. Each time you are told a price, deadline or other information related to the remodel, write it down and date it. If you have to go back and fact check a remodeler, you will have the information handy in your notebook.

6. Be Willing to Accept Less Than Perfect

Everyone wants perfection from a home remodel. But the nature of the process means that you may be unhappy with some small aspects of the remodel when it is complete. Be willing to accept less than perfect, especially if the whole package is to your liking!

A home renovation project can be a significant undertaking. By following the above six steps, you can ensure that you are fully prepared for your remodel!

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