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7 Home Improvements You Simply Cannot DIY

7 Home Improvements You Simply Cannot DIY

Home improvements typically fall under one or two categories: those changes that you can make on your own, and those changes where you will require the help of a professional. While DIY improvements and projects around the house can be a great way for a family to bond, and save some money, other work requires a professional touch. Sometimes it is due to expertise, but other times it is a matter of regulations. Here are seven home improvements you cannot DIY!

1. Changing a Cooktop

Maybe you have a gas stove and you want to go electric, or vice versa. It is not possible for you to make this change on your own, as you will need two pros to sign off on the changes so that it meets code. Why? Because doing something like this the wrong way could have some drastic consequences for your home.

2. Insulation Changes

Do you have some insulation around the attic that is contaminated? You can surely try and get the asbestos and other chemicals out of the insulation on your own, but there are laws in many cities that do not permit this. You will need to hire a pro, not just because of safety regulations but because you could be putting yourself and your house at risk otherwise.

3. HVAC Repairs

Repairing an HVAC system is not easy. There are so many different parts to the system, and you must ensure each of them is working as intended. If you try and fix things on your own, you could cause damage to the system, such as a Freon leak. And those leaks can be extremely harmful, and even cause dizziness or respiratory problems.

4. Replacing Water Tanks

Your older water tank suddenly stops working, and you are told there are no means of repairing it. Now you need to get a new one installed, but you want to do it on your own. Do not even try it. You could end up doing something wrong, which could mess up the gas line and result in a small explosion.

5. Septic System Pumping

It is never pleasant to try and pump your septic system. It is quite disgusting and is probably something you want to leave to an expert. In fact, there are regulations about what equipment you must use with the septic system, and that is the type of equipment a pro would own!

6. Getting Rid of Wildlife

You may think that you are being brave if you decide that you are going to get rid of a racoon or possum on your own. But unless you engineer some genius trap, you could get yourself bitten or scratched, which can result in an infection!

7. Knocking Out a Wall

In most places, you need a permit before you can tear down a structural wall. In addition, there will be electrical wires and potentially water pipes that you may hit. Make sure you are calling a professional before you are undertaking any such project!


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