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7 Smart Outdoor Tech Gadgets

It’s that time of year to begin preparing and updating your outdoor living spaces for neighborhood parties, summer barbecues and family outdoor fun! From audio to bug control, home technologies are constantly improving to become more effective, efficient and fun! Check out the latest outdoor technology gadgets to take your outdoor living space to the next level.

Sound systems. Sound systems are a must-have for an outdoor living space. From classical background music for a relaxing afternoon of reading, to a pop playlist for your weekend patio get together with the neighbors; sound systems are essential for the perfect outdoor living space. There are many options for speakers to fit your space’s needs. If you’re looking for a more discrete option, choose rock shaped speakers to set around your garden, or go a little more decorative and choose speakers disguised as wall-hangings or lamps.

Outdoor projector screen. Many families love winding down their day watching a favorite film. Outdoor projector screens are a fun way to make an event out of family movies while embracing the outdoors. Check out the Stewart Allrise screen, a professional grade projector screen with a weatherproof enclosure option to keep your technology safe. Set up this projector screen on your back patio with some warm blankets and popcorn; it’s like you have your own personal outdoor theater!

Waterproof technology remote. If you’re patio is packed with technology and electronic tools, organize it’s functionality with a remote that controls it all. The Crestron UFO remote is completely waterproof and can control lighting, pool temperature, outdoor climate and misters, and any sound or media systems you have set up.

Solar phone chargers. These inventive devices can eliminate the hassle of finding an outlet when you’re spending time with your little ones in the backyard. As a parent, you know at times having your device powered and ready to go can be a life saver. Just keep this gadget in the sunlight and you’ll have a power source at your disposal to keep your devices powered so you can enjoy your time outdoors.

Halogen umbrella lamp. This halogen umbrella lets the party stay outside even after the sun goes down. The umbrella heats up in seconds spreading warmth throughout the gazebo or outdoor patio area keeping you and your guests comfortable to continue enjoying the outdoors.

Bird photo booth. This fun gadget is perfect for birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts! This bird photo booth is a bird feeder built with a motion sensor and camera to capture close up and personal photographs of your neighborhood birds.

Electronic bug zapper. Sticky fly tape and harsh bug sprays are a thing of the past! This electronic device uses LED lighting with titanium dioxide to simulate the presence of a human body to lure mosquitos into the trap container. This device is effective and safe enough to be used indoors and outdoors.



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