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7 Stylish Living Room Floor Plans You Didn’t Know You Needed

7 Stylish Living Room Floor Plans You Didn’t Know You Needed

Figuring out the layout of a newly renovated room is a big part of the planning process, so thinking about it ahead of time will instantly put you ahead of the curve.

Having decided on the floorplan that best suits you will be the most important aspect when it comes to deciding on the more detailed reconstruction factors.

If you are in need of some inspiration, here are 7 stylish living room floorplans to consider!

Formal and Balanced

If you are looking for a more traditional feel in your living room, a formal and balanced floorplan is a good way to go.

An example could be a coffee table between two small sofas that are facing each other. For entertainment, you can have a TV on a mantel that can be seen by both seats.

Arched doorways with beautifully beveled frames that match your shoe and crown molding will top off this amazing room.

Versatile Seating

If you are planning on entertaining a great deal or have a large family, having plenty of versatile seating can be a boon.

You can do this by incorporating an L-shaped couch on one side with two armchairs in opposite corners to move when needed. You can have a nice coffee table in the center of it all as well as some end tables to accompany the different seating.

An accommodating living room floorplan would be one that embraces this design element. Plenty of floor space and multiple entryways will allow for easier navigation of the room, while installing wall shelving throughout will result in needing less tables or portable shelves. This will leave you with a far more open space with fantastic flow.

Simple and Comfortable

For many people, less is more.

An example of a minimal yet comfy setup can be a simple, sectional sofa and armchair for seating with a quaint coffee table in the center. This is great for small living rooms or for anyone who wants a simpler approach overall.

For the renovation element, putting in multiple windows or even a skylight will transform any small space, leaving it feeling more open and spacious. The goal here is to make the space seem bigger. This can also be accomplished by opening some walls leading into the kitchen or dining room, or both.

Integrated Dining Space

Having an integrated dining space can be great for any food-related entertaining or simply for casual dinner nights by the TV.

This can be done rather simply, by creating a wall-less sectional. In one end of the living room, you can place a social area with your couch, love seat, and any additional seating.

You can then install an L-shape bench seating area with a picnic table and several chairs in another section of the living room.

To tie it all together, you can have a built-in entertainment center installed in a common area that is easily viewable by both areas.

This setup is also great for kids who want to casually work on projects or homework at a firm table while also being a part of the social action in the living room.

Working & Living Space

Speaking of homework, another floorplan idea is combining your working and living spaces.

The best way to achieve this is by having a sectional couch to divide the space without having a solid, physical divider. On the opposite side of it you can place work setups like desks and chairs while the people on the couch can face the entertainment centers or coffee table.

Built-in units are fantastic for these ling room floorplans.

Modern and Casual

This is a great way to combine style and innovation with more comfy and traditional ideas.

This can be achieved through having a small table with comfy armchairs on one end of the living room and two small sofas facing each other on the other end. While you can still have a TV in the central area of the room, this setup is more suited to conversations.

Family Friendly

If you are looking for a space that is suited to family needs, you’re in luck!

Having sufficient seating through a large couch and smaller ottomans is a big part, but it’s also important to leave a great deal of open space where children or pets can roam and play!

Multiple doorways, added windows, and creating an open floorplan that opens into multiple rooms is a perfect remodel for this design element.

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