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8 Essentials Ideas for Every Man Cave Basement Remodel

8 Essentials Ideas for Every Man Cave Basement Remodel
When it comes to male camaraderie, there is no better place to spend quality time with the guys than in the man cave. It’s essential for your sporting events, Lazy-boys and bars to be primed and ready for that big game. A basement remodeling project can be the answer to creating the perfect place for you and your buddies. Be sure to consider these eight essentials in the design of your man cave.

A Worthy TV: When in your man cave watching the game, you want a premier TV to allow you the highest graphic quality. People will be in various areas of the room, so place the TV in a spot that can be seen from anywhere. Create a central seating area as well as additional auxiliary gathering spaces all oriented in the direction of the big screen.


Proper Furniture: When the game is on, you want to be sure that no one is forced to sit on the floor or pull up a bar stool. During your basement remodel, make sure to account for a proper amount of seating. Choose a diverse collection of couches, recliners and theatre seats to ensure everyone is satisfied in their seating for the game.

Bar: Include your very own sports bar in the confines of the man cave to limit the amount of runs to the kitchen for supplies. Stock your bar with all the essential tools and drinks for game night or a poker party. Use teak or walnut wood for the bar top to give it a classic feel or opt for a fun, funky atmosphere with kegs as bar stools.
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 Additional Entertainment: Punch up your basement man cave with supplementary forms of amusement, allowing you to entertain large crowds. Consider adding a dartboard or pool table. Create activity zones such as a viewing area, a bar area and a gaming area. You’ll have something for everyone the next time all the guys are over.


Memorabilia: As you decide on the décor of your man cave, make it seem more like a Hall of Fame than a home. Line the walls with sports memorabilia and photos. Neon bar signs give your space that sports bar atmosphere.

Music: Whether a jukebox or an iPod dock, it is critical to have a sufficient music source in your man cave. Music is a necessity to get pumped up before the game starts, as well as assisting in the celebration after the big win. It provides background noise when you are in a heated battle of pool. During your basement remodel, install high quality speakers throughout the man cave. Premier speakers will create the feeling of being on the field during a game, or being in the front row at a concert. Or, if playing is more your style, create a corner designed to produce your own rock show.


Fully Stocked Fridge: A fridge in your man cave allows you to keep all of the beer and soda that you desire within arm’s reach. Don’t skimp on the icemaker—you’ll regret it the first time you entertain. Keep your fridge stocked with olives, cherries and other drink garnishes.


Lighting: In your man cave, be sure that the lighting in the room is suitable for all of your activities. Use task lighting for your game of pool or your poker battle. And include ambient lighting such as can lights that are dimmable for movie watching. Use several circuits in your basement remodel for optimum lighting control in what could be a dark, uninviting space.

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