8 Inventive Ways to Decorate an Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans have been gaining popularity for homeowners in the Boulder area over the past few years. Their lack of walls encourages bringing people together for better entertaining and more family time. Their openness creates brighter, more naturally lit spaces, and the flow of the rooms visually and aesthetically connect the space for a more fluid home design. Many families are considering the design build process to create an open living space that fits their family’s needs. Here are a few creative tips for decorating your open floor plan in a way that reflects your design style.

Distinguish the area. Even though you want the room to breathe, it’s important to distinguish the areas within the open floor plan home design. It’s important to specify each room with your furniture and design elements. You could do this with a couch arrangement done so to block off other areas of the space that should not be included in the seating area. Wall dividers are another option if you want to create more privacy within the space, or even area rugs can help establish spaces within the floor plan.

Lighting . Statement lighting is a great way to establish focal points in areas of the open floor plan to further set apart rooms in your home design. Hanging lights are another trendy design element that are popular in open floor plan designs. There are many industrial, DIY, and vintage hanging light designs that can subtly define areas of your floor plan.

Change the floor levels in the space. By slightly changing the floor levels for areas within the open floor plan, it can help distinguish a space in the home. Having an area to step up to is a creative design element to add to an open floor plan.  An elevated space plus wall dividers can create a subtly secluded area within the entire open floor plan.  The design build process would be perfect for this process because it inspires creative design by working with clients every step of the way to make something unique to their needs and desires.

Lofts. Lofts are a popular addition to an open floor plan. They are a great way to establish a bit of privacy without entirely blocking off other areas of the room. The design build process can help you design a loft space addition for your home that works for you and your family. They allow for more surface area throughout your home without making the space feel closed off. Offices and playrooms work well for lofted areas.

Built-in furniture. Built-in furniture is inspired by modern residential architectural design and is a great way to have book shelves, seating, and cabinetry in your open floor plan and still allow the space to remain open and uncluttered. If you’re looking for more space, efficiency and innovation in your home, built-in furniture is a trendy option to consider. A design build firm can help you design a space that reflects your family’s needs and living style. Built-in furniture helps you make use of the space you have and diminishes the clutter of multiple furniture pieces.

Choose a color palette. Open floor plans can easily turn into being a lengthy extension of one color. You can avoid this by choosing a fun color palette and implementing it tactfully throughout. A color palette can include five to six colors giving you countless decorative options. Accent colors are your friend! After you decide on a base wall color, choose 4 or 5 others you will want to decorate with! You could choose to have an accent wall with brightly colored paint or a funky bold wallpaper design and then match your accessories accordingly. Use the same color palette throughout your open floor plan, but make sure to emphasize all the different colors in your palette by using different combinations and patterns.  These combinations and patterns can aid in defining the different areas of the room and help establish a focal point.

Accessorize. When you start thinking about décor and accessorizing your open floor plan, remember to choose accessories that reflect your color palette and personal design style. Accessories are another way to add accent colors within the room. Most often they’re smaller pieces and add pop to the room without becoming overbearing. Accessories are also a fun way to add design themes to spaces in your open floor plan which will also help establish the area of each room.

Columns and Posts. Columns are an easy and fun way to separate spaces in an open floor plan. Many homeowners in Lafayette are looking to design build firms to knock down walls to open up their home to an open floor plan and leaving the exposed beams for their aesthetic appeal and functionality. They can act as dividers without taking up too much room or completely blocking off areas of a room. They can also help add to the design style of the room: contemporary, classic, industrial or mountain rustic.



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