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The Must Know Master Bedroom Remodeling Trends

Trends in 2020

The master bedroom is a spot in the home that exists solely for you and no one else. No need to worry about guests because this space is just for you! When it comes to planning a custom bedroom, keep in mind that this space should, above, all bring you joy. Secondly, take a look through the most popular remodeling trends for master bedrooms in 2020.   You’ll be inspired by the freshest designs to inspire your vision.

Rethinking Laundry Rooms in Your Master

Why should the laundry room be located in a remote part of the home? Why should you be forced carry laundry around your home, just to carry everything back to the bedrooms? In 2020, designers are rethinking laundry. Putting the washer and dryer in the master gives you a comfortable space to do all of your laundry. Having your laundry set up so close by is especially helpful for the homeowner with a big home and several bedrooms. Once you can do laundry in your bedroom, you’ll wonder how you lived so long without it.

Remodeling To A Multi-Use Bathroom

The bathroom doesn’t have to be just a private place to do one thing and one thing only in. This year, we’re seeing a turn towards creating a spa-like atmosphere in the bathroom. Therefor, make this space a place for you, a place for self-care and relaxation. Adding benches or window seats, low ambient lighting, and plenty of storage shelves for skincare or health products help you make this room something extraordinary.

A Reading Nook- The New Home Office

Remember that this space is yours to relax and refresh. Add a cozy armchair or loveseat and have built-in bookshelves crafted to create a cozy reading nook of your very own. This space should be different than a traditional desk or work area. Let this section of the room bring about comfort and relaxation.

Mismatched Pieces

The newest master bedroom remodeling trend of 2020 is mismatching. Transitional styling is a look that brings in mixed, mismatched pieces that are still tied together. No more bedroom sets; this look allows you to show off your personality and juxtapose your space. Filling your space with a variety of statement pieces gives a room life and tells a story. Include several well-made pieces that have a timeless design and will stand the test of time. Incorporate art by local artists and found from your travels to give your room that extra bit of texture.

Layer Different Trendy Rug Styles

Carpeting in the bedroom is become less popular- especially moving into 2020. However, those stunning hardwood floors can be awfully cold in the winter, and there is nothing cozier than a soft rug. Layer a smaller plush, luxurious rug over a larger rug for a textural effect with major visual appeal and extra coziness.

Enlarging Your Space

Make your master bedroom feel larger by hanging up floor-to-ceiling drapes on the wall behind your headboard or hang mirrors along the opposite wall. Utilize storage to maximize your bedroom floorplan. Built-in organization and shelving into the master closet will help minimize the space in the main room for you to relax in and enjoy.

If you’re considering a new master bedroom in 2020, we’d love to chat with you about it.

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