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Can an Architect Make you Neater, Less Stressed and a Better Cook?

It’s quite possible that involving an architect in your home building or remodeling project could indeed help you achieve goals like these. That’s because architectural design is all about creating spaces that support you rather than working against you.

In terms of your kitchen, for example, everything from a poor layout to counters that are the wrong height can make cooking harder than it needs to be.  In terms of having a neat home, that depends not just on your natural organizing abilities, but on having the right types of places to store things and keep what you need handy. Being able to find what you need and being surrounded by an environment that is both pleasing and designed for your unique lifestyle, tastes, preferences – and even your own height – goes a long way to reducing stress.  All this is why we involve our architect right at the start of the design-build process.

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