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For Non-Traditional Families, Architects Design In More Livability

One of the things that residential architects do well is to design homes that are right for the specific families that will live in those homes. Increasingly, however, those families aren’t so traditional any more. Did you know that families of Mom, Dad and two kids for which most homes were – and continue to be — built now only account for about 20% of US households? Clearly, a “one house fits all” approach just doesn’t work. If you’re part of the other 80% —single adults, couples without kids, blended families and multi-generation households, an architect can help you redesign, build, or remodel these traditional homes for much more livability.

For example, in households with blended families, architectural design might emphasize spaces with flexibility. Flexibility might mean that the architect can design the home so that bedrooms that don’t get used every day to serve other purposes as well. Or, the gathering areas of the home can be designed so that they offer cozy seating for a few or open up to welcome the whole big family all at once.

For multigeneration households, the architect might place an emphasis on designing a good balance of public and private space for all family members. Working with a design/build remodeling approach, for instance, the architect and construction team might work together to find the best solutions for equipping the existing home not just with larger gathering spaces but also with features such as separate entrances, kitchenettes, and bedroom suites.

The bottom line is that whether you’re building a new home or remodeling one, having an architect work directly with the construction team means you’ll get a home that’s not just “built for you,” but architecturally designed to optimize livability for the make up of your household.

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