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Avoid These Top 5 Home Remodeling Regrets

Avoid These Top 5 Home Remodeling Regrets

Home remodeling is an interesting process. First you are happy with how your house looks. Then you pine for a remodel, worrying about the best way to revamp your home. Finally, a project is completed – but you are left with regrets. Here are five home remodeling regrets you should avoid.

1. Going with Real Wood

The concept of having true hardwood floors is very enticing. The house will look natural, rustic and stunning. But real wood can be a serious problem when it is not managed correctly. Longevity is an issue, especially if you want a surface that requires minimal maintenance.

2. Custom Cabinets

One of the home remodeling trends we have noticed involves custom cabinets for very specific purposes. For instance, you may add a completely separate section to your cabinet for a printer, files or other items. Or you may have a special kitchen cabinet for a unique appliance that you plan to use for many years.

The problem is that your current use case may not last beyond a couple years. Then you are left with a cabinet that is not as multifunctional as you had imagined. It is always better to go for generic cabinets that can be repurposed every few years when your requirements change.

3. Excessive Bathroom Additions

Thinking about adding a small sauna to your bathroom? Or maybe a veined marble wall? Do you want a separate bath and shower space? It can be tempting to go extravagant with your bathroom additions but think about how you will feel in a few years.

Make a list of your wants and differentiate between the ones that feel useful, and the ones that are excessive for the sake of it. Avoid the latter, as they will cost a lot of money and provide you with little redeeming value in a few years.

4. Open Shelves

A new trend has emerged for open shelves in various parts of the house, including the kitchen and living room. It is always important to be cautious about open shelves, as they are so easy to mess up.

If you are a very neat, organized and design-oriented person, go with open shelves. You will ensure they always look great. But if you are someone who is disorganized and does not have an eye for style, your open shelves will become the ugly duckling of the room!

5. DIY Home Remodeling

Everyone wants to feel useful and productive. It is tempting to go with DIY home remodeling for a smaller project, but most homeowners we talk to tell us about how it was a mistake.

Unless you have previous experience and expertise at a task, it is best to leave it to the professionals. Even the smallest DIY project can turn into a disaster, which will end up costing you more money than hiring a professional in the first place!

Before you plan out your next home remodeling project, it is sensible to read through our list of common renovation regrets. You can ensure that you do not repeat others’ mistakes!

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