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What a Remodeler Should Do Before Starting Your Basement Remodeling Project

A basement remodeler can work magic in turning an ugly or unfinished space into a beautiful new living area for your family. But before the actual remodeling begins down in the basement, remodelers need to come up with a plan for dealing with the unique challenges that below-grade spaces present.

For starters, many basements are damp and can even flood. Even if the space is already finished, you’ll want to let your basement remodeler do some preliminary work to prevent water seeping in and get rid of any musty smell that exists. And remember, mold and mildew can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems, so removing them is top a priority. Your basement remodeler can tackle this challenge with a variety of tactics, from using wall sealants inside to regarding and redirecting downspouts outside.

Next, basement floors can be unpleasantly cool in winter. So, one way a basement remodeling contractor can make the space cozier is to install a heating mat beneath the basement flooring. The result is soft, silent heat that typically costs no more to operate than several light bulbs and can typically use less energy than a comparable forced air system. The benefit is that the basement floor and the living space itself both stay invitingly warm.

Lifting and lighting the space. The way your basement remodeler designs the space is key to how the new room or rooms will “live.” That’s because basements often present challenges like low ceilings, ductwork, and small windows. So, before beginning the actual construction, your basement remodeler can incorporate design, space planning and lighting techniques to create the illusion of a much brighter, airier space.

Let your basement remodeler come up with good solutions for dealing with dampness, cold floors, structural issues and lighting before starting the actual design process. That way, your new basement living space will be end up beautiful – and wonderfully livable!

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