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A New Trend in Bathroom Remodeling

When you call in a bathroom remodeling contractor, you want more than just a new bathroom. You want a bathroom that looks new, too. Achieving that means doing more than just having new cabinets and fixtures. You also want a fresh look for the “footprint” of your bathroom.

Remodeling today is about opening up floor space so that rooms feel airier. In the bathroom, this trend can be seen in a variety of ways. Here are three ideas to consider for updating your own bathroom to have a more open, spa-like feel:

  • A free-standing tub. Bathroom remodeling today often means rethinking those built-in Jacuzzi tubs. Today, these big, blocky elements can look clumsy and dated. Instead, like many bathroom remodeling contractors, we have more and more clients asking for elegant free-standing tubs. These can be sculpted and ultra modern, or contemporary takes on the classic claw-footed tub. What makes the look especially fresh is having the tub “float” by placing it on an angle with space on all sides rather than flat against the bathroom wall.
  • A large, open shower. Again, many of the bathrooms we’re remodeling have a dated look because the showers are too small and blocky. Even having a glass door and a glass wall look old-fashioned today. What updates the look is going larger and with a much more open feel. Some of the extra space can often come from removing the large built-in tub as described above. Showers also include amenities like a built-in bench with walls of seamless glass (none of those outdated brass or chrome edges from the ’80s and ’90s!). Another trend is doing away with shower doors by constructing the enclosure to contain the water.
  • Cabinets and vanities that float. Today’s freshest looks for bathroom remodeling include cabinets that have legs instead of having doors go all the way to the floor. Vanities themselves sometimes have no legs at all – they are constructed as ledges without floor supports. Open shelving adds to the open feel. Vessel sinks remain popular because they also lift up the look of the bathroom instead of weighing it down.

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