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Bathroom Remodeling: Picking the Right Faucet

Have things gotten a little out of date and worn in your bathroom? Remodeling can do more than update the way your bathroom looks: it can also improve the way it functions. Faucets, for example, are an important element and it’s important to consider more than just “eye appeal.” As bathroom contractors, we consider a variety of factors to help our clients choose a faucet that’s perfect for their newly remodeled bathrooms. Here are some of the things to look at:

Handle Style. Faucets come in both single- and dual-handle models. Single-handle models allow you to adjust the water flow and temperature with just one hand. Faucets with two handles generally provide more design flexibility and more precise temperature adjustment. Handle styles can vary dramatically in shape or design, and on some faucets, handles can be switched out according your bathroom remodeling design.

Finish. The finish and color of the faucet should coordinate with the décor of your remodeled bathroom. While chrome remains popular, other choices include nickel, stainless steel, enamel-coated colors, ceramic, pewter, gold, platinum and bronze. You can also choose between brushed or polished finishes. Remember that brushed finishes show fingerprints a little less!

Spout Style. The style of the spout should be determined by the size of the bathroom sink. While larger spouts have design impact, you may find that a more compact, lower-profile spout will make it easier to wash your face or hands.

Faucet Construction. The reliability and durability of a bathroom faucet is determined by its valve quality. As all bathroom remodeling contractors will tell you, the best faucets have solid brass, brass-based metal or corrosion-resistant workings. Compression-valve faucets are very reliable and can be maintenance-free. And remember, installing a high quality, name brand faucet now, can be less expensive than buying a cheaper model and having to replace it sooner.

Scald Protection. Anti-scald features include safety devices that restrict how far a hot water handle can be turned, valves that balance the hot or cold water pressure, and thermostats that maintain a pre-selected water temperature. Like most experienced bathroom contractors, we advise clients to consider this a “must” when remodeling a bathroom that will be used by children or older adults.

Hands-free. Hands-free electronic faucets are becoming increasingly popular from a convenience and energy-savings point of view. They use motion detection to turn on and off. Again, this is a “plus” in a children’s bathroom or in remodeling a bath for anyone with arthritis or mobility issues.

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