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Great Products for Your Bathroom Remodel

When you’re planning your bathroom renovation, take some time to explore new products being offered. Some may surprise you and some could be just the thing to create that spa-like feeling you’re after.

As a bathroom remodeling contractor, I get a chance to attend the home shows and see what types of products are being offered. I wanted to share just a few that I feel can really make a difference in the way your bathroom looks, feels and functions for years to come. Maybe they’re not all for you, but you may well find some ideas you love!

  1. Heated floors. Imagine never stepping onto an icy-cold floor in the bathroom! Remodeling that includes electric or radiant heating keeps even those tiles nice and warm.
  2. Mirror defoggers. Installing a new mirror as part of your bathroom remodel? Include a defogger that automatically warms the mirror so it stays clear, even through hot, steamy showers.
  3. Mirrors that tilt. As a bathroom remodeler, I especially loves ideas that make one bathroom work for everyone in the family. Tilting mirrors do just that — kids may not even need stools to see themselves, and no more stooping or standing on tiptoe for tall or short adults.
  4. New shower systems. From rainfall showerheads to multi-jet shower systems, make sure your bathroom remodel takes full advantage of the great products on the market. Those rainfall showerheads, for example, offer a soothing, gentle downpour while multi-jet systems can also offer high-pressure flow to massage achy muscles.
  5. Hands-free faucets. Motion-activated faucets are a great way to save water and save elbow grease when it comes to cleaning the bathroom. Renovation that includes these fixtures rewards you for years – kids won’t accidentally leave the water running, teeth brushing won’t waste water, and you can rinse your hands without getting shaving cream, soap or hair dye on the faucet. Delta also has a nice line of faucets you can touch anywhere on the spout or handle with your wrist or forearm to start and stop the flow of water.
  6. High-arc spouts. For a pedestal tub or a sink in the bathroom, remodeling with high-arc faucets can create real visual impact. The high arc also makes it easier to wash your face without bending so far down over the bathroom sink. They’re an especially good choice for above-counter sinks. Finishes we like include the always-popular chrome plus satin nickel, bronze and even brushed gold.
  7. Towel warmers. We know people who wouldn’t be without these! As part of bathroom remodeling, we can include warmer bars or drawers just like they have in spas. The drawers are great for warming bathrobes and slippers, too.

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