Ideas from a Professional Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

What would a professional bathroom remodeler do with your bathroom? A bathroom remodeling contractor with years of experience as should be able to suggest creative ways to use new and traditional products, layout, and design to achieve the look and functionality you want. Here are a few things we like to suggest when working on a bathroom remodeling project:

  • Get a great look that’s also a great value. Hand-painted porcelain tiles, for example, are a beautiful choice for a bathroom. Remodelers love to work with them, but they may take up too much of your total budget, especially if you’re remodeling a large bathroom. Often, however, there are very fine alternatives that can satisfy your design concept by giving you the same look and coloring of high-end materials. You can also design the bathroom to use the more expensive materials as an accent so that you still get the “wow” factor.
  • Splurge a little. It’s true that you might not necessarily need “extras” like a steam shower or a towel warming drawer, but you may find that these luxuries create a pampering, spa-like environment that you enjoy day after day.
  • Design for how you really live. Quiet, luxurious soaking tubs seem to be replacing the noisier Jacuzzis as the first choice for today’s bath lovers. But while soaking tubs tend to be smaller than Jacuzzis, they still take up considerable floor space. The question to ask yourself before you reflexively install a tub when remodeling is will you use it. For many people – including many older couples – the answer is “no.” If that’s the case, why install both a tub and a shower? Instead, you might consider saving the space (and money) you’d spend on a tub – or using that same budget to enjoy a larger, more luxurious shower with seats, a no barrier design and extra room for storage. If you are remodeling with resale as a high priority, you may wish to include a tub in your plans even if you don’t plan on using it yourself. However, you might not have the tub in your bathroom.
  • Think universal design. No matter how young and fit you are, a bathroom designed for safety and effortless access will be a smart investment. If you’re older, features such as walk-in tubs can let you enjoy baths without worrying about climbing in and out of a traditional tub. Curbless showers are another good feature. A good bathroom remodeler can integrate grab bars, good lighting, non-slippery floors, and other universal design features beautifully into any style of bathroom so that you can enjoy your home longer while still being safer from slips and falls.

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