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Some Tips on Picking New Bathroom and Shower Fixtures

Thanks to the increasing popularity of bathroom remodeling, there are now a wide variety of bathroom and shower fixtures for homeowners like you to choose from. The vast number of options often leaves homeowners feeling overwhelmed. Of course, when you remodel with us, we will help you through your selection to find the fixtures perfect for your remodeled home. However, it’s still helpful to have an idea of what style you are interested in. Here are two of the most popular styles:

  • Traditional style fixtures give your bathroom a formal, historical look. Some popular traditional styles are country, colonial and Victorian. Vanities are typically made of porcelain or stone with wooden cabinets. Sink and shower fixtures are typically porcelain and brass, chrome or nickel with a variety of embellishments. Claw foot bathtubs will add a distinctive and elegant touch, but built-in tubs are also popular with this style.
  • Modern style fixtures are often either angular or streamlined and blend well with minimalist aesthetics and high-tech environments. Vanity tops are often made of high gloss metals, enamel, frosted glass or stone, and add a very clean, bold look. Pedestal sinks that show off the plumbing and waterfall faucets are also popular. Sink and shower fixtures do not always have embellishments, but may feature geometric or swirl designs. Modern style bathtubs can range from unusually shaped whirlpool tubs to very angular rectangular tubs.

When you are choosing bathroom and shower fixtures, try to think ahead. Who will be using this bathroom in the future? Will young children or older adults be living in your home? If so, choose fixtures that will be easier for them to use. For example, lever handles rather than cross handles are much easier for children with small hands or older adults with arthritis to grasp. Small adjustments to your plans now will allow you to incorporate these modifications seamlessly.  And remember, if you ever feel like there are too many options, we’ll always be there to help you wade through them.

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