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The Bathroom: Remodeling Experts Say “It’s the New Den!”

When’s real estate team surveyed bathroom remodeling contractors, the responses showed that for many homeowners, trends point to the fact that today’s master bathroom is becoming the new den.

No kidding! The master bedroom used to be the ultimate home getaway spot, but now many homeowners are exploring what they can do to remodel bathrooms not just into getaways, but into veritable spas.  From skylights to sound systems, features that used to be for family rooms are now on homeowners’ lists for their bathroom remodeling projects! According to the article, the reason seems to be that our busy, noisy and crowded lives are prompting more and more of us to seek a sanctuary in our homes where we can enjoy pampering, peace and quiet, and what is perhaps the biggest luxury of all: privacy!

The survey identified 13 of the trendiest features of bathroom dens. Some of them – like dual vanities, tankless water heaters and grab bars don’t necessarily have the ring of things you’d want in your den. And of course you’d include beautiful tiles, elegant “hideaway” storage, and even radiant heat floors. So, let’s leave out these obvious features and put on our bathroom remodeling hats to brainstorm other ideas for a dreamy bathroom.  What about …

  • A fireplace? Imagine enjoying your soaking tub by firelight!
  • A steambath? Talk about not sweating the small stuff – these units are so relaxing it can ALL seem like small stuff.
  • A flatscreen TV? You can even have units installed to sit behind a mirror so you only see them when they’re on. Enjoy news, programs … or just blissfully spa-like music.
  • A small fridge with icemaker? Perfect for chilling cucumber eye treatments and cool drinks.
  • A planter box? Coupled with a skylight or window, a planter box brings nature indoors. Even picky plants like orchids can thrive thanks to the moisture.

How about you? What would you love to include in your own “dreamy den” bathroom remodeling project?

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