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Choosing the Best Custom Home Builder for You

Building Your Dream Home

Building your dream home is a once-in-a-lifetime milestone, so you must get the job done well. To make sure you build your absolute dream home and that the process goes smoothly for you and your family, you have to choose the right custom home builder for the job. How do you know who will do the job well and meet your expectations? We have some tips for you to consider before diving into the process.

Choose a Quality Desing-Build Firm

Your Design-Build firm must be a leader in high-quality design and construction. Many times projects look luxurious, but is the project quality work? Will the home withstand daily wear and tear of your family’s life? Behind the drywall, there are complex systems that make up the bones of your home. If you cut corners, your home may give the appearance of luxury but will not function that way over time.

Boulder is home to some of the Best Custom Home Builders in Colorado- Melton Design Build is proud to have made the list. Our portfolio filled with some of the most beautifully built homes and projects in Boulder. Also, our team is known for the quality care and dedication provided to our clients throughout our projects. Melton Design Build has been serving the Boulder community for more than 20 years. Our work speaks for itself. We take pride in our design and build quality and can happily show you how our work stands up over time.

Do you Like your Desing-Build Firm’s Communication Style?

You’ll be in communication with your team a great deal, so communication style is critical. As you start meeting with your dream home builder, please pay attention to the way they communicate with you. Are they organized? Do they communicate with you the way you prefer?

The way your team interacts with you during the initial process will be a great indicator of how they’ll be communicating during the entire design-build process. If you feel your communication styles aren’t a good fit now, you’re likely not going to mesh well during the whole process.

Ask About the Home Builder’s Process

All custom home builders have different timelines and milestones in their processes. Ask as many questions as possible, so you understand their timeline. Learn what their timeline entails, so you feel prepared at any step of the way. Does it fit with your schedule and expectation for your project?

Melton started using the design-build process in 2003, and it’s been a proven roadmap to success for custom build home projects. We know from client feedback that following our method leads to projects completed on time, on budget, and clients who are happy with the final result. The Melton design-build process consists of three phases: Initial contact, the design phase, and the construction phase.

Working With Their Team

The best custom home builders work with the best tradespeople in the industry. A luxury custom home deserves quality every step of the way, including during construction. Everything from installing foreign tile to your plumbing and HVAC system needs to be approached with quality craftsmanship.

When you choose Melton, you enjoy the security of knowing you are working with a custom home builder that is fully licensed and insured. Our staff genuinely cares about you and your home. Unlike many general contractors, Melton Design Build is committed to hiring employees rather than depending primarily or exclusively on subcontractors. Using professionally skilled employees gives us more control over project schedules for quicker job completion. Also, it helps us consistently deliver the high-quality workmanship and client service you expect and deserve.

If you are considering bringing your dream home to life, Melton Design Build builds custom homes in Boulder County. Call us today to chat about your dream home!

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