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Creating a Game Room in Your Basement

The idea of a game room might immediately bring to mind kids and teens together to play and have fun. However, every age group can benefit from a game room! By creating a custom game room in your basement, you can entice your kids to hang out with their friends at home, where you know they’re safe. You are also ensuring that every event you ever throw from here on out will be a smashing success, and there will never again be a dull moment. Create an epic game room with activities for people of all ages with the help of these tips. 

Choosing Entertainment

Consider you and your family when choosing what type of entertainment to put into your new game room. If you’re a sports fanatic, here’s your chance to recreate your favorite sport right here in your home. If you love hockey, you can design the whole basement like a hockey rink, complete with a penalty box and built-in goals. Input an air hockey table or buy yourself an NHL game set to play. If you and your family are more into video games, build customized shelving to hold all of the games and systems you love most. Invest in a gaming station and a top-of-the-line TV to play on. Get yourself a dartboard, a ping pong table, or a pool table to delight your guests and have a conversation piece ready for any event you host.

Game Room Furniture

Seating is essential in the perfect game room. If you have a gaming station set up, invest in some high-quality gaming chairs. You are choosing furniture that also works as seating means that you have plenty of surfaces to play any game on. Above all, you’ll have plenty of room no matter how many people come over. 

Which Lighting is Best?

Especially if your basement is entirely below ground, lighting is incredibly important. Please make sure you have the light that is adequate for everyone to see game pieces or cards, but not lighting that is so bright that it feels like an office building. First, create ambient lighting and accent lighting to get the atmosphere of your basement game room just right. For example, building an egress, if building codes allow it, is the best way to let in natural light. If you are working with little light, make sure to keep an open floor plan in mind to allow for light flow. Therefore, using glass doors rather than wood will let in more light. Pro tip: using bright, white paint for your walls will help brighten any room.


Soundproofing your game room is a good idea if you want to prevent it from taking away from the atmosphere of the rest of the house. Talk with a professional about upgraded framing, sound panels, or insulation to keep the noise confined to the party room. Whether your kids are playing games or you and your adult friends are enjoying a game of ping pong while the kids are sleeping- soundproofing will keep everyone happy.


Creating a custom game room isn’t just about good lighting, comfy and versatile furniture, and enjoyable games. Add in a few bonus elements to round out the perfect basement room. For instance, add a fridge so that you’re not running up and downstairs for another cold drink or a few snacks. Put in a bar and decorate it to fit the design of your home. Mount your TV on a swivel so that wherever you are in the room, you can watch the game or a movie. 

Making space for play and recreation is a crucial choice to create a space where your family enjoys being together. We’d love to help create a custom game room for you.  Set up a consultation with one of our Project Developers today!

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