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Creating More Usable Space in Your Master Bedroom

Creating More Usable Space in Your Master Bedroom


The funny truth is that more space doesn’t necessarily mean more room. In fact, your master bedroom can be spacious but if not properly set up runs the risk of clutter, less wiggle room and just plain ol’ discomfort. This isn’t ideal because your bedroom is sort of like your life’s headquarters. You want to make sure that you’re getting the most from your space and maximizing the livability of the master bedroom. The suggestions below are perfect for those suffering from “tiny master syndrome” and want to lessen the feeling of living in a crammed bedroom.

Master Bedroom Design Visualization

Get a Smaller Bed

I know we don’t want to admit it and tends to be people’s last option but swapping out the bed can’t be overlooked. We’ve seen people living by themselves with queen and king sized beds. We get it, they want to sleep comfortably but at what cost? If you’re uncertain of its worth, just sleep smaller for one week and realize how much space you actually save. You’ll have so much more space to live you won’t even want to sleep!

Get a Futon or Sofa Bed

If you’re not willing to downsize the bed, meet in the middle and consider a futon. This is perfect for those that don’t mind taking 30 seconds to adjust the couch to a bed and vice versa. The futon has been a classic choice for decades and nowadays providers have mastered the comfort and functionality of its uses. If you’re looking for that luxury feel, sofa beds have a more formal appearance with leather and plush material. Nevertheless, both will do the job of freeing up space and providing the comfort you deserve.

Purchase Under Bed Storage

Interestingly enough, the fewer items you have in the room, the more you invite natural sunlight. Dressers are generally the biggest sun snatchers. The days of prehistoric dressers and armories are over. They simply take up too much space in comparison to the more modern day accessories. Check out some options for rolling under bed storage to hold clothes and possessions. This is not only smart but will make your room like sleek and spacious.

Get the Monsters out of Your Closet

Some people never grow out of simply throwing their mess into the closet for another day. If you were to take the time to clean out your closet while organizing every nook and cranny, so much space can be freed up. This requires a good eye for detail because in your closet, there should be virtually no space left behind. All of the leftovers from your master bedroom should be placed in this area. Additional shelves in the closet are a good idea or you can find those storage savers that can be dangled from the clothes hanger.

These are the 4 main areas that we feel free up the most space in a master bedroom. Do you have any other ideas or interested in having your master bedroom designed? Contact Melton Design Build today!


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