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How to Decide on a Final Design

How to Decide on a Final Design


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Most homeowners rely on a final design plan to ensure that they stay on budget, timeline and get exactly what they want out of their house. A design plan allows the owner the opportunity to use their investment strategically and plan out the project wisely.

The best way to finalize any home design is to make a list of the most urgent construction needs and features and then move on to the projects that can be delayed and will not be of use right away. Sustainability features may be a good option to complete first. These include all of the features that are less expensive and will be required right away once your family moves in such as the kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Once you have all the essentials covered, you can start to add on any additional rooms and outsets later when your finances and timeline allow.

Begin with the Following

Know your property and square footage. As an expert, this is the first thing you should know about while finalizing your home improvement plan. There is not enough emphasis that can be made when it comes to knowing your property size and shape limitations of your lot.

Secondly, think about the layout you and your family would like and consider the building work that will take place to make that layout happen. Know what areas need upgrades and what areas you can’t work with. Once you have a plan and budget of the essential construction needed, you will be one step closer to finalizing your design plan.

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Next, you have to think about the entryways and windows. Wrong sized or wrong placed windows can make a place appear unsymmetrical or dull. Strategically design a plan for windows in places that will receive the most light.

Now it’s time to think about installation of the appliances such as air conditioning, cooling and heating systems, hot water systems in bathrooms, exhausts etc. If there are Inefficient heating and cooling systems installed, it can make a home unbearable to live in and costly to repair or maintain.

Next is the landscaping changes and design. Maybe you would like to give your garden an upgrade, such as a center fountain, an outdoor patio, stairs, garden bed or engraved steps. Always remember that the garden is the first thing anyone who walks into your home will notice, so make sure your final plan of your home design includes a beautiful one.

Although it’s nice to have a strategic plan for your future home design, it’s important to understand that there may need to be modifications made to certain parts of your design. You should have a few back up options in mind if your designer or builder cannot make your design plan happen perfectly.

We hope that with these useful tips you can easily finalize a design plan that works well for you and your family within your style, budget and timeline!


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