Designing a Garden of Relaxation and Tranquility

It’s that time of year where the sun is shining, flowers are blooming, and all we want is an enchanted outdoor space of our own to escape to. Check out some of these fundamental design elements for designing a garden that inspires relaxation and tranquility.

A little emptiness is ok. A lot of gardens obtain their sense of serenity by having an abundance of space and openness. Many times, empty spaces are just as important as filled-in spaces. It is hard to achieve tranquility in a crowded space. Give your garden room for walking, lounging and playing.

Consider your setting. Colorado oftentimes provides us with beautiful scenery of the Rocky Mountains, a lush pine forest or even the rolling open plains. If you are lucky enough to have one of these views available to enjoy, take advantage of it! If you do not have access to as good a view, don’t be afraid to block it off. It is safe to say that busy urban scenery does not inspire relaxation, so look into fencing or wall options to properly seclude yourself and your enchanted space.


Don’t forget foliage. Beautiful bright blossoms are fundamental when designing a garden, but don’t forget the foliage! Foliage catches your eye by providing contrasting hues and textures to your space. They can make your flowers pop or help create a more quiet and calm area of the garden.


Add some Art. A garden is a fun place to curate! You have less space restraints and the freedom of going a little bolder than you may in your home. First decide on the design style you would like to pursue. If you are considering a more modern approach, choose a bright contemporary geometric standing sculpture, or if you want an oriental style, consider a stone lantern piece.

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