Designing Your Haunted Holiday

Halloween’s right around the corner and marks the beginning of “the holidays.” Set the tone for the remainder of the year by bringing the spirit of Halloween into your home! Halloween is an opportunity to bring the family together in a way that’s unique from the rest of the year. Decorating your home, generating costume ideas, and arts and crafts are just some of the great activities for the kids to be able to enjoy the holiday to the fullest extent. Here are some ideas to bring the spooky holiday into your home this year.

Getting Creative with Pumpkins. Of course carving pumpkins is the most beloved tradition of Halloween and with the abundance of available arts and crafts materials there are numerous decorating options for pumpkins these days. Try using glitter to make your pumpkin sparkle, painting a face or spooky bat on the pumpkin, or glue some ribbon or rhinestones. Not only does your creation last a bit longer, if you have little ones a craft project may be a little easier to manage. Here’s a link to some creative ways to decorate your pumpkin.


Transform Your Yard. Extending your decorating efforts to the outdoors helps create an atmosphere, not only for your kids, but also for all the other children trick-or-treating on Halloween night. And many of these decorations can be crafting activities with your kids! If you do it right, some Halloween and fall decorations can overlap knocking out two birds with one stone. Here’s a link to some great outdoor decorating tutorials and ideas.


Halloween Family Activities. In addition to pumpkins, decorating and arts and crafts, there are a variety of other activities to celebrate Halloween. Nothing brings the family together better than food. Baking and cooking spooky treats can get your kids excited about the holiday. Halloween themed games like Jack-O-Lantern Bag Toss or Pin the Bone on the Skeleton can engage your whole family. Here’s a link to some fun games and activities for Halloween lovers.

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