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Essential Colorado Inspired Architecture

Uniquely Colorado

Being from the Centennial State is something us Coloradans are very proud of. We are energetic and outdoorsy. We are creative and tech-savvy. So, why wouldn’t our homes reflect that? When designing your home to fit your Colorado lifestyle, think of incorporating these essential Colorado inspired architecture elements.

Life Outside

With beautiful mountain views and enchanting landscapes, Coloradans sure seem to enjoy time spent outdoors. Especially when they’re in the comfort of their own home. Creating an outdoor living area is a common practice in contemporary Colorado architecture. Consider expanding your deck or patio area to include a fire pit, modern patio loungers. Think about equipping your space with an outdoor kitchen area to entertain guests. Our favorite design elements is incorporating accordion windows to bring the outdoors in on those beautiful sunny Colorado days.

Modern Technology

We live in a time where there is an app for everything. Our smartphones and tablets assist in seamlessly integrating our personal and professional lives. Today’s homes are increasingly using technology to integrate all aspects of our lives. Occupancy sensors, auto-sensing faucets, and voice-controlled temperature control are some of the essential technology being used in contemporary Colorado homes and making an impact on conserving energy in your home.

Solar Panels & Green Design

There is a deep respect for mother nature here, and our homes should reflect the eco-conscious lives we aim to live. Going green when remodeling your home is referring to the approaches, materials, and technologies that are green, and make sense for your home needs. Homeowners mistakenly assume going green with building costs means a higher price tag. Going green comes with a no or low addition cost. It includes state of the art engineering to avoid wasted energy in your home. Solar energy sources for your home is an ideal way to reduce your carbon footprint. Solar energy requires very little maintenance, lowers electricity bills, and can result in some substantial financial saving and support for putting energy back into the grid.

Luxurious Bathrooms

What better way to relax after a long weekend of biking, hiking, or skiing? Coloradans work hard, so they deserve to relax hard. Creating luxury at home, specifically in your master bathroom, is an incredible feature to include in your home remodel and should be a priority for all homeowners. We love standalone tubs as the centerpiece of a contemporary bathroom remodel, so beautiful and serene. Adding unique textures to your bathroom is another incredible way to create a spa-like experience at home. We love uniquely crafted sinks, from traditional white porcelain to hammered custom copper sinks.


Brick is a timeless architectural element in Colorado that has always transcended trends. Locally mined brick has always been a long-lasting and beautiful detail that represents the rich history here, beginning with a history dating back to the 1820s on the front range. Brick transcends time and trends so well because of it’s warm and authentic aesthetic and pairs nicely with contemporary features. If not your whole house, accent brick walls, and even faux brick walls are an element to consider incorporating into your home. Brick will give your space a feeling of having history and giving your home a rustic aesthetic.

When designing your dream space, consider your adventurous, creative, and conscious lifestyle. Ensure that you represent them in your home, your home should function for the incredible life you and your family live. What is an essential feature you’d need to include in your dream home? Contact us today and let us know what your dream Colorado home looks like.

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