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Exterior Remodeling for Curb Appeal

Exterior Remodeling for Curb Appeal 

The photo. It all comes down to the photo.

So much of a house’s value is defined by that photo from the front – you know the one – the one that shows the curb appeal (or lack of appeal).

Prospective buyers are entering data into umpteen websites, checking boxes and thumbing through an endless list of computer-generated homes that meet your requirements. But, still, at the end of the day, it’s the photo from the curb that draws them in or inspires them to delete.

Whatever your reason is to improve your curb appeal, there are some basic things you need to keep in mind.

Curb appeal has five unique parts, each in need of its own attention. Each potent enough to ruin your curb appeal if not properly maintained. Your property needs to look current, if not trendy. Remodeled, if not new.

Five Elements of Curb Appeal



Most people state that the first thing they notice about a house is the entry. The entry, by definition, would include the walkway, lighting, porch and front door. And, while the door is clearly the centerpiece, every aspect of your entry needs to be looking good.

Let’s break your entry down. First, your walkway. You need to determine the shape and size of your walkway and which materials you would like to use. Your budget will play a major role. Your porch also needs to be addressed, including your lighting. Lastly, the door needs to pop. Use colors and materials that make a statement. The door should stand out from the rest of the house face and also from your neighbors.

Boulder Custom Home - New Construction - Exterior - Front Entrance Feature


The siding of your house needs to look sharp. Changing or refreshing your house-front can make all the difference in the world. Which material you choose really doesn’t matter. Just make sure it is either stylish or traditional. The options are plenty.

Siding has changed. From vinyl shake to planks, to panels of beautiful stone, houses are looking more amazing than ever, and yours can, too. Again, your budget will determine your personal options.


Windows also are major players in your curb appeal. New siding especially needs to be accompanied by new windows. To change the siding but not the windows may look tacky and patchy and lead the onlooker to deduce that the whole house will have similar inconsistencies. So, keep it uniform.

Be careful not to hastily destroy vintage windows. If you are concerned about their efficiency you can actually do some things to improve their energy efficiency. And, if you do choose to replace them, bear in mind that there may be buyers waiting to gobble them up, so try not destroy them.


Your yard has to look its best. If you have the budget, hire a local company to draw up some plans and make it beautiful. But, if you have no budget for this you are still okay. You can fix it up for free by getting your hands dirty. Tear out old, overgrown shrubs. Trim bushes and trees. Pull weeds. Throw down some bark, chips or needles. Use weed-killing fertilizer on the grass and keep it cut short, tight. Collect, blow or sweep all clippings. Use flowers to bring a splash of color.

Front Exterior Image


Hopefully, your driveway looks fine, because replacing it will be expensive. If your budget does allow, make it look great. Choose concrete over asphalt, asphalt over gravel. Pavers are excellent, too.


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