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Gain Precious Family Space with a Basement Remodel

Gain Precious Family Space with a Basement Remodel

Basements are often hit or miss. There has either been time and energy put into it to making them amazing or they’ve been left raw, and stockpiled with unpacked boxes. Basements without windows can feel cavernous and dingy. If you want to remodel your basement, but aren’t sure where to start, look here! We’ll help inspire you to breathe new life into the space with some of our favorite photos of basement remodels that will make the whole family happy.

Create a basement that wows everyone in the house. A chalkboard wall is simple to achieve using specialty paint, plus it’s fun to doodle on! Baskets keep items contained and out of sight. And the fireplace warms up the room in more ways than one.

Setting up a basement with multiple seating spaces is a great way to make it work for several people at the same time. Invite comfort and relaxation with an extra long couch complete with an end chaise.

Turn a dingy basement into a seaside luxury oasis. The open flow, soft lighting and color scheme make this space an ideal hangout.

A neutral color palette and textured rugs warm up the room. An oversized kids table allows for art projects to be sprawled out and then tucked neatly away in a cubby.

Beds don’t have to be kept out of sight. Incorporate them into the space by slipping two stacked twin beds into an alcove. Nice white bedding keeps the sleeping area looking clean and helps it blend into the white walls and design as a whole.

Red furniture and accessories break up a gray and white space. An open floor plan is great for flow and works well with a simple, modern theme.

Prep your basement to host a large gathering. A pool table, oversized couch and bar make it a one-stop shop for an evening in.

Install soft carpet and transform your basement into a playroom for the kids. During your basement remodel, revamp underutilized space and create a play nook—complete with windows and a half door.

Make it easy for kids to help keep clutter off the floor and organized with a corner wall of cubbies. Leaving them open makes clean up simple, fast and easy for all ages.

Get the most bang for your buck during your next home remodel and amplify storage space in a spot that’s rarely utilized—under the stairs! Items will always have a special home when you have drawers, nooks and cabinets galore.

Ready to start transforming your basement? Contact us today to discuss your options.

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