Going Green: Water & Energy Efficiency

Save on Energy Costs


Everyone wants to save money on their energy bill. Home heating and cooling costs are on the rise, while high water consumption in areas of drought increase risk for fire. However, there is a remedy; home remodeling and upgrades geared toward energy efficiency and decreasing resource consumption will not only save you money, but it can also help in areas where resources are becoming limited.

In states like California where prolonged drought has led to permanent water consumption limitations, finding ways to decrease water use by decreasing or preventing waste is a viable approach to meeting mandatory usage limits, while not having to make sacrifices. Waste is the number one cause for these mandatory laws and regulations. Limiting or eliminating waste altogether can improve your quality of life while meeting the consumption guidelines set forth by your local municipality or state government.

While each home is different and will need different forms of upgrades, here is a listing of some things that can be done to help save on energy consumption.

Heating & Cooling

Remodeling your home and investing in energy efficiency will not only reduce your carbon footprint, it will pay for itself in the long run. What’s better, is that the federal government is offering big financial incentives for making energy efficient investments.

You may even find finance options that are structured specifically for home energy efficiency called energy improvement mortgages.

The investments that should be made include the purchasing of renewable energy sources and other items that contribute to energy efficiency.

  • Solar panels are a renewable energy source, reducing your carbon footprint while saving on your energy bill.
  • Increased insulation throughout your home will assist to keep consistent temperatures throughout.
  • Energy efficient windows and doors will also help to ensure steady temperatures in your home, by creating an airtight seal which prevents air from entering or escaping through doors or windows.
  • The addition of wood burning stoves will provide warmth during cooler months, relinquishing your dependence on central heat.
  • Other upgrades or otherwise energy efficient home additions include motion sensor lighting. Motion sensor lighting will eliminate lights being left on when no one is in the room.

Solar Panels on a roof top


When it comes to the reduction of water waste, some states are imposing mandatory limits in order to reduce the consumption of water. This is because of prolonged droughts. Even though some regions are now seeing the rain it desperately needs, it is not enough to lift mandatory restrictions.

  • Water efficient toilets can be installed that will restrict water consumption, yet provides more power in each flush.
  • Motion sensors for your facets will see only a set amount of water will be dispensed at a time.
  • Water efficient showerheads can see a reduction of 10 gallons of water per every 10-minute shower.
  • High efficiency water flow valves will allow you to decrease the overall water flow to any facet in the house, including outdoor hoses, or dish and clothes washing machines.


What changes would work best at your house? 

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