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Great Universal Bathroom Design

Great Universal Bathroom Design

Universal bathroom design creates inclusive design solutions and allows people with all levels of ability to live independently. With this, the ability of a person to remain as independent as possible can be influenced by how accessible & useable environments are. Think curb ramps, automated doors, wider doorways and hallways, and transitions to other spaces without raised thresholds. Making day-to-day living simpler doesn’t have to be difficult. There are multiple ways to go about it. Find inspiration for incorporating universal design for your next bathroom renovation below.

This space sure does have it all—bed, bath, shower and storage all in one room, which makes getting from one spot to another simple. When walking doesn’t come easily, short travel distances are a tremendous help. Design build services can help you create a space just like this.

A bathroom with no threshold to the shower keeps tripping to a minimum. The floating sink gives way to lots of room below, which is great for a wheelchair that needs a little extra space.

An extra wide shower door with no raised surfaces allows for wheelchairs and walkers to transition in and out easily. Extra large cabinet pulls help make them easier to use.

Getting into this shower is easy with open access to both sides. The centered glass panel keeps splashes off the rest of the room’s floor, which is always a good thing. No one likes a slippery floor!

Changing floor surfaces is fine when you keep them both at the same level, and it’s a great way to add some contrast to your space. An elongated shower with a completely open side makes it simple to enter and exit.

Opening large glass doors isn’t hard when you have extra long door pulls. The plus is they can double as a towel rack or a place to catch your balance.

Tubs that double up as showers are always nice, and add extra convenience. This one is fairly open, which allows for easy access. There’s also plenty of room around the tub to rest a walker or wheelchair.

For those that like or need to sit down while showering, this shower seat is a great place to rest. It is also conveniently close to the handle, spout and wall niche that can hold shower necessities. Design build services can help you achieve this type of shower.

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