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Holiday Entertaining Ideas

Holiday Entertaining Ideas


The 2014 holiday season has arrived and entertaining guests is on the horizon for many. Present charming concepts throughout your home this season by following these clever design ideas.

Front Entry Garland
The front entry is first thing to catch your guests’ eyes as they arrive to your home. Long draping pine garland and holiday ribbon skirting the awning is a beautiful touch. Add in your favorite lighting and wreaths to complete the design.


Mason Jar Display
Mason jars are timeless and versatile. This display can easily be created with votive candle, pine cones, berries and your favorite crate—we like the look of recycled wood. Holiday shabby-chic or classic farm-style, improvise with materials you may have around your home.


Wine Cork Tree Centerpiece
Whether you need to add a little something to your end table or dinner table, this wine cork display is quite simple and adorable. Cut recycled wine corks to multiple lengths, insert the pine sprigs then glue to a cut tree trunk section.


Seating Placement Cards
Providing name placement cards for table seating is a great idea to minimize the uncertainty of where your guests will sit. Attach sprigs of rosemary to an index card; with a nice calligraphy pen, write your guests name. Everyone feels extra special when they have their own personal assigned seat!


Chair Accessorizing
Follow the formal placement card with fancy holiday ribbon to brighten the seating. Attach holly or mistletoe to the ribbon, tie securely to each chair for a royal look.


Ornamental Chandelier
We LOVE this concept. As a chandelier can be quite expensive, we found this cost-effective ornamental approach to be a festive alternative. To design this holiday chandelier, secure ribbon or fishing line to the ceiling then pin ornaments of all sizes and shapes to each strand.


Stocking Silverware Holder
This stocking holder for your silverware is-oh, so cute!! Bright red stocking, with a white backdrop, speaks elegance!


Sugar Cookie Decorating Bar
For many, decorating sugar cookies is a time of the holiday season! Fill tiny serving dishes with colorful frostings and sprinkles to custom decorate each cookie! This is an activity enjoyed by all ages!!

Your creative hand-crafted designs will surely be loved and enjoyed by all your guests!

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