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Sunshine Canyon Project Update

The Sunshine Canyon project aims to take advantage of the lighting and stunning mountain views the property has to offer with a multitude of windows and an open floor plan. With the insulation installation and drywall stage complete, the homeowners are now getting excited to finish up the final steps of the build process and enjoy their new, more efficient home.

The first step toward a well-insulated home is air sealing. Air sealing consists of plugging and sealing all of the holes in the building envelope, which prevents cold air from blowing into the house; the equivalent of wearing a windproof coat. Once the house is sealed, we add insulation. This is like wearing a fleece jacket underneath the windbreaker to keep the heat in.

Drywall is often the phase that wears on customers because it tends to get dusty and dirty even with our excellent dust control. However, the drywall stage is also when the project gets exciting—the home really starts to take shape and you can see how the space is going to look.

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