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Home Remodeling and Design Trends in 2017


Home Remodeling and Design Trends in 2017

One of the greatest aspects to home remodeling is the fact that trends are constantly changing. Something that was really popular a few years ago, is no longer considered trendy or modern. For homeowners who are looking to change up the way the interior of their home looks in 2017, it is important to understand the home remodeling and design trends for the coming year. Here is a look at some of the most interesting home remodel trends 2017, and how they will have an impact on the home remodel you may have been planning for the next few months.

1. Interior Retreats

It may sound odd, but many homeowners are looking to create little spaces within their homes that they can consider an interior retreat. With so much of our life being dominated by cell phones, computers and televisions, homeowners are seeking an area in their house where they can sit down, relax and unwind for a few minutes at a time. Whether the area being used is in the bedroom or bathroom, clients are really adamant about creating a space where they can comfortably spend some time without any distractions around them!

2. Farmhouse Chic

Even though homeowners do not want their house to look exactly like a farm, there does seem to be a trend where many rooms are starting to resemble a modern farmhouse aesthetic! The farmhouse modern look is being achieved by using natural textures and patterns in the tiles, wooden countertops in the kitchen, farmhouse-style sinks and wood flooring with wide planks! It is up to the homeowner and designer to figure out a balance between overdoing the farmhouse look and getting it just right. When it is done in the right way, it can really make the home look natural yet absolutely stunning.

3. Outdoor Spaces

It appears as though homeowners are looking to spend more of their time at home, even on the weekends. And when you are spending time at home on the weekend, you may be entertaining guests. And when you are entertaining guests, having a nice outdoor area where everyone can relax is of paramount importance. It is why so many homeowners are looking to get their deck or patio area kitted out. Whether it includes setting up an outdoor grill, tables and chairs, or a simple restoration to add some natural beauty and accessibility to the area, these projects are becoming very important to clients over the past few months.

4. Wet Rooms

One of the more interesting home remodel trends 2017 is the fact that wet rooms are making a comeback. In the past, wet rooms were only requested by senior citizens or those individuals who had some type of disability. However, everyone is starting to notice how these wet rooms are so much more convenient for everyone in the house. For instance, bathrooms with curb less shower areas instead of bathtubs are the types of changes you could see in the home when the wet room concept is taken on board.


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