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Begin Planning Your Home Remodel Now

Begin planning your home remodel for the summer now to give yourself plenty of time for the design/construction process. The remodeling process is much more involved than most homeowners initially think. Giving yourself and your team, plenty of time to work through the process, makes for an excellent experience for everyone.

Designing can take several weeks to allow the client and designers to work together to create the perfect design. We want the project to be designed thoroughly and within budget. In addition to architectural plans, some home remodeling projects require structural engineering, city or county permits, and interior design details. Therefore, adding more time to the design phase of the project. The client may have additional feedback for the design team. Additionally, more meetings will have to happen to get the entire team on board with the client’s vision.

Even if you aren’t looking to begin actual construction in the next few months, call us. Begin planning your home remodel now. Give your design team plenty of time for the design process for your remodeling project!

We look forward to talking with you about your project, helping you understand our process, and answering questions for you. Contact us today to get the process underway.

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