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Can a Commercial General Contractor Make You Feel “At Home?”

As a residential and a commercial contractor, we think business clients deserve to feel “at home” in their offices, restaurants or retail spaces. That’s why we approach commercial renovations and tenant-finish services with the same personal focus we use in our residential remodeling. Our clients tell us it makes a real difference in how the commercial space winds up feeling and in how well it functions. Whether or not you use Melton Construction, these two tips can help you work with your commercial contractor to create a new space that works hard while helping boost your success by making your people and your customers feel comfortable, confident and at home!

  1. Cookie-cutter floor plans may not be right for how you need your space to work. An office layout that works for one company may not be right for you. The same rules that apply to creating a new kitchen or family room apply to “thinking commercial.” Contractors should take the time with you to work out who will be using the space and how it will need to function. One medical practice, for example, found that when they re-laid out the office area, productivity soared.
  2. Steal residential design ideas. Good design doesn’t have to cost more! But, it can make a difference to the message your commercial space sends to both employees and customers. By including finishes and flourishes (such as moldings or even fireplaces) found in fine home remodeling, commercial contractors can create spaces that are not only functional, but beautiful. These residential touches can eliminate the anonymity of an office space and keep even the largest and most utilitarian commercial spaces from feeling cold and impersonal.

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