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Home Remodeling: Start with What You Love About Your Home

If you’re thinking about home renovation, it’s easy to start by telling your home remodeling contractor everything you don’t like.  Now, yes, home construction should take into account fixing anything you feel is out of date, broken, or that doesn’t give you the feel or functionality you want. We understand that these things are top of mind because they’re what’s prompting you to remodel in the first place. But from a simple home remodeling project to a whole house remodel, I can tell you from years of experience as a house remodeling contractor that we find it equally important to know what you do like.

So, when you’re making your list of home remodeling priorities, don’t just list things you want to change: also list things you want to keep.  That way, we not only focus on solving problems and giving you new advantages, we also keep what you already love best about your home.

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