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New Concepts for Home Remodeling

No matter how much you’re planning to spend on a home remodel, taking a look at high-end “concept homes” is a great starting point. Sure, the house remodeling contractors have been given sizeable budgets to approach these home renovations. But the creativity of each home – construction, layout, design and products – can spark ideas that we can translate for your own budget. The secret is looking not just at the high-end execution, but at the smart thinking behind each of the design elements you love. Let’s take a look at what you can discover from a concept home.

As a home remodeler, we’ve seen many clients want to do a major remodel when the kids leave home. We felt the recent BUILDER 2012 “Gen X” home was filled with great ideas not just for empty nesters, but for families that include kids – and perhaps even elderly parents. Plus, the ideas can be scaled for new home construction down to simple home remodeling projects. Here are some examples.

Double-purpose spaces. The house remodeling contractor for the BUILDER 2012 home did a great job of building a courtyard that doubles as an impressive entryway and as a spacious outdoor seating area. Even if you don’t have the space or the budget for the fountain, fireplace and other amenities in the concept courtyard, renovations can still create a private entryway that’s perfect for welcoming you home and for outdoor entertaining.

Simple yet elegant details. The interior doors in the concept home remodel the traditional six panel door into a more clean and contemporary look by using handsome molding to frame the smooth surface of the door. The takeaway might not be the actual door, but what it represents for your home – renovation that emphasizes sleeker, simpler design.

Exterior textures. The stone veneer on the concept home resembles saw-cut limestone. Even if you don’t like this particular material or think the look is wrong for our own area, the takeaway is that if you’re doing a major remodel, let us do our job as your house remodeling contractor and help you explore all the new materials and possibilities that exist for creating a distinctive look for your home.

Construction that blurs indoor-outdoor boundaries. On the Gen X home, we loved the 90-degree seamless corner window. It takes that open floor plan and literally opens it out to the exterior living spaces. Even if your home remodel won’t involve something as dramatic as the concept home’s large, floor-to-ceiling glass corner, we can find way for bringing the outside in – on any budget.

So don’t “pre-compromise!” Go ahead and look at all the upscale concept homes you can. Bring us the ideas you like and we’ll use our years of experience as a home remodeling contractor to translate them into beautiful spaces and cool new features for your own dream home.

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