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Re-feathering That Empty Nest

kitchen-remodelingWhen kids take flight, a house can seem empty…or full of new possibilities. For so many of our clients, the “empty nest” becomes a chance not just to repurpose rooms, but to create all-new spaces sparkling with room for everything from hobbies to entertaining. Let’s take a look at some ideas for re-feathering your own empty nest.

  1. Move cooking to the front burner. No more squeezing meals in between kids’ never-ending activities! You can indulge your own taste buds and take time to savor the joy of cooking. A chef’s kitchen remodel makes it even better with new appliances, work spaces, and flourishes all designed just for how you like to cook – and entertain.
  2. Free yourself from “family friendly.” You did a great job managing all the comings, goings, sports gear and stuff!  And now that the kids are on their own, you’re free to go a little more upscale and elegant. What about gorgeous new tile or hardwood flooring? What about turning an unused bedroom filled with posters and sports gear into a spa-like master bath with a fireplace?
  3. Take “me time” seriously.  Is it time to write that book? Or to work from home somewhere other than at the dining table? What about designing a room just for your workouts – or as a beautiful meditation space, library, music room or craft studio?   These are much better ideas than letting unused bedrooms turn into dusty storage rooms.

There are so many fun ways to re-feather your empty nest. While you’re planning, though, you may want to remodel so that even dream rooms have the flexibility to turn back into bedrooms. Storage secrets, space planning, and creative, multipurpose designs can give you twice the pleasure by letting you welcome new possibilities and welcome the kids back to the nest for visits.

So, what have you been waiting to do with your home – and your life? Give us a call and let’s look at some ideas and see…what flies!

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