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The Biggest Fears in Doing a Kitchen Remodel

As a kitchen remodeling contractor, we talk with a lot of clients who have put off kitchen renovation for years – even when budget isn’t an issue.  Why? Well, apart from the challenge of having to “cook without a kitchen” for some period of time, the reasons fall into three categories:

  1. Fear of the kitchen getting outdated too soon. Homeowners often put off remodeling today because they keep waiting for the next new trend so their kitchen will stay fresh-looking longer. The trouble is that what’s “in” for kitchen remodels changes all the time – often quite quickly. One year painted kitchen cabinets are in, six months later cherry cabinets are what the kitchen remodeling magazines now say you must have. As an experienced kitchen remodeler, we know what’s in this month’s magazines. Even more important, we know what will stand the test of time in terms of materials and design that will retain their appeal, quality and good looks for a very long time.  We can also do your kitchen renovation with updates in mind – giving you a highly functional floor plan plus quality “bones” (cabinets, backsplashes, flooring). Whether your style is contemporary or traditional, this classic kitchen design can then be updated years from now with simple touches like new cabinet hardware or changing the wall color.
  2.  Fear of missing out on something “cool” that’s on the market. Research, research and more research can often keep homeowners from being able to settle on a kitchen remodeling plan. They can’t commit because they are afraid that they’ve overlooked something wonderful – an ingenious cabinet organizing feature, new faucet technology, or a fabulous new option for flooring.  Well, as a kitchen remodeler, I go to the kitchen shows can I tell you that from counter-level fireplaces to hands-free faucets, there are a ton of cool products that can add pizzazz to kitchen renovation.  I can show you what’s out there and I can help you filter out things my experience tells me won’t live up to expectations.  I can also help you keep from being overwhelmed: instead of starting with all the new products, we’ll start by taking by looking at how you want your kitchen to look, feel and function. This helps us zero in on the “wow” products that will make the biggest difference.
  3. Fear of overlooking important functionality.  The kitchen isn’t always just for cooking. It’s the family gathering place, often a homework zone, and often an entertaining area. Many times, those many roles can make homeowners reluctant for fear that they will go through the kitchen remodeling process only to find out that they’ve forgotten to think of something the kitchen needs to accommodate.  The way to address this concern is to visualize: imagine yourself cooking and entertaining. Imagine the kids coming home from school.  This careful visualization process helps you “live” through the floor plan and functionality before your kitchen renovation even begins and this helps avoid overlooking everything from where the recycling bins, kids’ backpacks and dogs’ water bowl will go to how much seating you’d really like to have when guests are sharing the kitchen.

We understand that it’s not always easy to commit to a kitchen renovation. Still, we have many, many clients who have gone through the kitchen remodeling process with us and are completely delighted with their new kitchen’s functionality, look, and “wow.” We’d be delighted to help you to finally have your own dream kitchen – just give us a call and let’s talk.

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