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TREND WATCH: Spring Design is Sprouting with Florals
Spring has sprung! And with it comes an exciting array of lustrous floral designs. With temperatures rising and flowers blooming, it’s time to bring the beauty of the outdoors in. Large, radiant floral prints have a way of enlivening a home with a modern look and patterns with smaller prints give an elegant, vintage appearance. Bring some energy into your home’s design scheme with a beautiful mix of floral prints for a garden bouquet feel.

Floral prints pop against solid colors. A neutral bedroom or living room is a great setting to combine patterns, colors and textures. Transform a white or brown couch by adding solid throw pillows with a few different floral prints. Wainscoting with floral wallpaper creates a lasting springtime décor experience. An accent wall of floral paper brings life to an otherwise solid colored room.

Expand your décor beyond floral curtains, rugs and pillows; the floral motif can be found on dishes and kitchenware. You could find your favorite patterns in plates, mugs, lamps and vases. Ceramics with floral prints can be an eclectic, mix-and-match collection of style.

For more floral design ideas check out our Pinboard on Pinterest.

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