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Home Renovation Trend: Soaking Tubs

On Trend: Soaking Tubs

There’s really nothing like a long soak in a steaming hot bath. It relieves stress and helps your muscles recover. But not all bathrooms are right for taking the plunge. No one wants to bathe in a dingy, gross tub. Are you dreaming of a pristine, luxurious bathroom? We found the crème de la crème of soaking tubs that may just motivate you to move forward on that home renovation.

Talk about soaking in the lap of luxury. Enjoy a long bath by the fire in this elongated tub. It offers plenty of room to stretch out tired legs and has a unique water feature.

This deep copper tub lets you soak up the outdoor environment while soaking your tired bones inside of it. The lush garden adds beauty while enhancing privacy.

Timber takes center stage in this off-white bathroom. With woodwork this gorgeous and intricate, you don’t need anything else.

During your next home renovation, create a tranquil space to Zen out in. Inspired by earth elements, this wood and stone bathroom uses water features to create soothing sounds.

Here’s a deep soaking tub that’s neatly tucked in a corner. Timber juxtaposed against the porcelain tile and tub give it a clean, modern feel.

A view like this shouldn’t be shuttered no matter what room you’re in. This bathroom pulls in the city life while the blue tiled walls and clean edges create a calm inner vibe.

Here’s a tub you can really sink into. Sinking the tub into steps makes getting in and out a little more graceful.

This tub doesn’t try to compete with its surrounding beauty. Bath goers can enjoy the natural elements while remaining protected by the timber covering. And the waterfall feature is icing on the cake!

This deep tub works well in a tight space. This one is made of stone.

Polished stone makes for a great (and natural!) soaking tub. The copper fixtures, freestanding from the tub, don’t get in the way of the bather.

This tub has a built-in headrest so you can peer out the window and admire the view. The all-white porcelain design is sophisticated and easy to clean – a bonus!

This bathroom harbors elements of the earth. The rough stone tub compliments the river stone tiled floor and walls. This monochromatic color palette helps create a soothing atmosphere.

Adding a soaking tub to your bathroom renovation is a great, on trend, idea. Contact us today to discuss how we can make your wish list items a reality.

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