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How to Choose the Right Kitchen Counters

What is Right for Your Home?

Too often, homeowners looking to remodel or renovate their kitchen counters choose a material purely based on how it looks. While aesthetic value is important, it’s better in the long run to choose the right kitchen counters and materials that suits your home and lifestyle first, and then choose a color and design of that material next. This gives you a design you love and the perfect functionality for your home.


When you begin deciding how to choose the right kitchen counters for your home, start by considering your day to day routine. What do you use your kitchen for? If it’s primarily to make sandwiches for your kids, then white granite might not be the best choice for you. However, if you’re an entertainer above all, then that’s a different story.

For the last few years, granite has reigned as the top choice for kitchen counter material. Offered in multiple shades and two finishes, this material has a variety of cost options allowing you to make your counter purchase fit your specific budget. Choose the polished finish if you’re looking for a shinier look, or the honing finish if you’re aiming for a softer, more matte appearance. Granite suits most all kitchen types, whether that be postmodern, contemporary, or modern.


Marble countertops have also long been a popular choice. One thing to keep in mind before settling on a marble counter for your kitchen is that it requires more care and more careful use than granite countertops do. The classic look of marble also offers versatility, as it is available in a wide variety of natural colorations. The beauty of this material works well for the hosting homeowner with time on their hands to care for it and can suit a contemporary or postmodern kitchen perfectly.


Quartz surfaces are rapidly becoming more and more popular, particularly for homeowners looking to create a modern feel for their kitchen. This stain-resistant, durable, and sleek surface material can offer value to the family or the entertainer.


For the rustic kitchen, wood countertops such as those seen on butcher blocks, make an excellent choice. One major benefit to the wood countertops are their ability to warm up a kitchen, making it cozy and welcoming immediately. This material will require some maintenance, however. While it is easy to clean, water can damage it easily, so regular oiling is needed to keep the surface sealed and protected. Any scratches made to a wood countertop can be sanded out, making this a good choice for many kinds of lifestyles.


Once you’ve decided on the perfect material to suit your lifestyle and overall kitchen design, you’re able to enjoy picking out the right finish and color to make it perfect. Reach out to Melton Design Build with any questions you may have when choosing the perfect countertop material and design for your home renovation.


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