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How to Fast-Track Your New Home Addition

How to Fast-Track Your New Home Addition

If there is one aspect to home remodeling that is more challenging and daunting than every other step, it is a new home addition. When you want to add a room or floor to your house, it involves many complicated procedures. But our guide will help you understand the necessary steps, while allowing you to fast track your new home addition.

Why a Home Addition?

Before going ahead with any plans for an addition, it is important to understand why you want to make the change. Understanding the purpose of the new room will help you to decide on the most efficient steps to get it built.

For instance, you may need a room for your parents to live with you. Or maybe a small bedroom for one of your kids, who no longer wants to share his room! Perhaps you are considering a home office, as your new job has you working from home a lot.

Consulting with a Remodeler

Bring plans of your home, pictures and your thoughts to your first meeting with a home remodeler. Talk with them about why you want a home addition, your ideal budget and how quickly you need to get everything done.

If time is not the most important concern, there are many options for an addition. You could build an extra structure to the side of your house, at the front or around the back. It all depends on how your house sits on your plot of land, what local permits you need to obtain, and the size of your desired addition.

Efficient Solutions

When time is a very important consideration, you will be limited in your options. But the good news is that you can still choose between some very promising additions.

The two best options for fast tracking a home remodel include repurposing your basement, attic or garage. Why? Because these structures are already built. While they will need work to make them livable, it is a lot less work than constructing an entirely new room.

Deciding on Your Addition

If you only have one of those suggested spaces in your home, decide if you are okay with converting it into a new room. It will mean some adjustments, especially if you use the room(s) for storage purposes.

But it is the best way forward. The basement will be the cheapest and quickest, as it is already a functional room. It may require insulation, additional electrical outlets and a connection to your HVAC system. Attics usually require a bit more work, while the garage will also need to undergo major changes.

One factor to consider is the purpose of the room, relative to the space you are choosing. For instance, attics are usually fairly small, while the garage and/or basement may be a lot more spacious. If you are planning a bedroom for an older kid or elderly parents, more space would be appreciated!

Sit down with your remodeler, discuss your budget, time frame and decide on the space in your house where you will set up your home addition. If you want a quick process, the garage, attic or basement will be the best choice.

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