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Designing with Black

The color black never goes out of style–especially in the home. With the help of an ebony hue, you can create numerous color palettes that fit your sense of style in any room from the powder room to the kitchen. Black is bold, demanding, sophisticated, makes colors surrounding it pop and can provide you with anything from a classic to a modern look.

Putting art on a black wall is a great way to ­make your artwork more eye-catching. Textures and shapes are more pronounced on a black background. In a similar sense, black walls can also make your furniture stand out. A sofa in your favorite color or chair with a trendy pattern against a stark black wall will definitely make those pieces pop. Another way you can get creative with a black wall is using chalkboard paint. Chalkboard paint is an inventive and entertaining addition to the kids’ rooms or an office.

You can’t go wrong with black and white. The color combination simple, classy and timeless. Another great thing about black and white is its design flexibility. You can mix and match different prints, textures, colors or styles and to create a cohesive aesthetic.

Using black as an accent is a great way to spice up your décor. Black goes with any color and by using black trim in your bathroom, picture frames, vases, lamps or throw pillows in the family room can give you powerful look that cannot be ignored.

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